Competition Results for Week Ending 11th May 2019

Monday Seniors 06/05

1st: Stefano Tommasini 22pts ocb

2nd: Tony Hancock 22pts

3rd: Ray Horomona 20pts

NTP’s #4 John Robinson #5 No Winner

Tuesday Chook Run 07/05

1st: Martin Beckwith 34pts

2nd: Yutaro Matsushita 30pts ocb

3rd: Barry Bingham 30pts

NTP’s #2 Martin Beckwith #4 & 5 John Goding #7 Jean Robinson #9 Yutaro Matsushita

Wednesday Ladies Day 08/05

1st: Jenny Pamenter 21pts

2nd: Deb Baumgart 19pts ocb

3rd: Pat Drake 19pts

NTP’s #4 Jenny Pamenter #5 No Winner

Thursday Mixed Comp 09/05

1st: John Goding 21pts

2nd: Cathie Green 20pts

3rd: Russ Peachey 19pts ocb

NTP’s #4 David Whiteside #5 John Shaw

Friday Graded Comp 10/05

Red: William Tatipata 20pts ocb

White: Ray Martin 20pts

Blue: John Robinson 21pts

NTP’s #3 No Winner #9 Christian Amadei

Saturday 18 Holes 11/05

1st: Ray Horomona 37pts

2nd: Paul Baumgart 36pts

3rd: Damien Gray 34pts ocb

NTP’s #3 Ray Horomona #7 Dean Prentice

Congratulation to all  our Winners here @ Lakeside this past week.

In recognition of all our Mothers and Grandmothers out there today we wish you all a Happy Mothers Day, and Thank you for you for everything you do in your families lives.