Eastern Gray Kangaroo

Eastern grey kangaroos are herbivores and predominately a grazing animal eating mainly shrubs and grass. They feed mostly at night and early in the morning. During the day, eastern grey kangaroos lie under shaded trees or in scrapes they have dug.



The koala is the only mammal, other than the Greater Glider and Ringtail Possum, which can survive on a diet of eucalyptus leaves. 'Habitat' refers to the types of bushland that koalas like to live in. They are found in a range of habitats, from coastal islands and tall eucalypt forests to low woodlands inland.


Black Swan

Adult Black Swans have a black body, with the exception of the broad white wing tips which are visible in flight. The bill is a deep orange-red, paler at the tip, with a distinct narrow white band towards the end. Younger birds are much greyer in colour, and have black wing tips. Adult females are smaller than the males.



All goannas are carnivorous, consuming anything they can overpower; 
insects, small mammals, frogs, birds and reptiles.  The larger species will even tackle large, dangerously venomous, snakes.