Competition Results for week ending 1/9

Competition Results - Happy Fathers Day!


Mon 27/08 Seniors

1st- Ray Martin 21pts ocb

2nd- Frank Tosiani 21pts

3rd - Tacka 20pts

NTP - 4 - Ray Horomona - 5 -Wayne Young


Tues 28/8 Chook

1st- Yutaro Matsushita 31pts

2nd- Peter McKay 29pts ocb

3rd- Tom Sussex 29pts

NTP - 1 Doug Ridell - 4 Christian Amedai - 5 David Whiteside


Wed 29/8 Ladies

1st - Lynne Ballantyne 20pts

2nd- Jean Robinson 17pts ocb

NTP - 4 Lynne Ballantyne


Thu 30/8 Mixed

1st- Peter McKay 21pts

2nd- Barry Bingham 19pts ocb

3rd- Jean Robinson 19pts ocb

NTP - 5 Bob Becker


Fri 31/8 Grade

Blue- Jock Winton 20pts

White- Jean Robinson 18pts ocb

Red- Brett Stevens 19pts ocb

NTP - 4 Ray Horomona - 7 Ron Walboom


Sat 1/9 18-Hole

1st- Andrew Taylor 40pts

2nd- Frank Tosiani 37pts ocb

3rd- Tom Sussex 37pts

NTP- 1 Silvio Fiore - 5 Paul Underwood



Well done to everyone that placed this week! Thankyou all of you for getting involved with our Competitions :)