Competition Results for Week Ending 12/05/2018

Monday 07/05 Seniors

1st: Jens Rasmussen 21pts

2nd: George W Taylor 20pts ocb

3rd: Frank Tosiani 20pts ocb

Tuesday 08/05 Chook Run

1st: Yo Hughes 29pts

2nd: John Goding 28pts ocb

3rd: Ray Horomona 28pts

Wednesday 09/05 Ladies

1st: Kim Benjamin 20pts ocb

2nd: Rhonda Brown 20pts

3rd: Not Awarded

Thursday 10/05 Mixed

1st: Barry Bingham 22pts

2nd: Chatchai Chalee 21pts

3rd: Jean Robinson 20pts

Friday 11/05 All Day

Red Tees: Ricky Galang 24pts

White Tees: Jens Rasmussen 19pts

Blue Tees: Jock Winton 23pts

Saturday 12/05 18 Holes

1st: Paul Baumgart 39pts ocb

2nd: Ray Horomona 39pts ocb

3rd: Silvio Fiore 39pts

Congratulations to all this weeks winners here at Lakeside. See you all next week for another great week of golf... and a very Happy Mothers Day to all our Mothers and Grandmothers