Competition Results for Week Ending 28/04/2018

Monday 23/04 Mixed Seniors

1st = Dennis Firth 22pts

2nd = John Shaw 20pts

3rd = Bill Ashley 19pts ocb

Tuesday 24/04 Chook 

1st = Bill Ashley 32pts

2nd = John Goding 31pts ocb

3rd = Russ Peachey 31pts ocb

Wednesday 25/04 Anzac Day

No Comp

Thursday 26/04 Mixed

1st = Jens Rasmussen 21pts ocb

2nd = Tom Sussex 21pts

3rd = Bev Goding 20pts ocb

Friday 27/04 All Day

Red Tees = Ron Rowland 20pts

White Tees = Jean Robinson 20pts

Blue Tees = John Shaw 21pts

Saturday 28/04 18 Hole

1st = Ray Horomona 38pts ocb

2nd = Mark Richards 38pts

3rd = Silvio Fiore 37pts ocb

Well Done to All Players

Have a Great Golfing Week