To be eligible to play in our competitions we require you to obtain a "Lakeside Handicap". 

This requires 3 completed 9-hole cards signed by a Lakeside handicapped player.

We are not affiliated with AGU Handicapping at this time. 


Get involved

Meet new people

Scratch that competitive itch 

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Mon - Fri Competitions

$4.00 + greens fees

Saturday Competition

$7.00 + greens fees

Competition Weekly Calender

MONDAY - SENIORS (OVER 60) - Tee off between 6:30am - 10am

TUESDAY - CHOOL RUN (ALL WELCOME) - Tee off between 6:30am - 4pm

WEDNESDAY - LADIES DAY - Tee off between 6:30am - 10am

THURSDAY - (MIXED) - Tee of between 6:30am - 10 am

FRIDAY - (GRADED) - Tee off between 6:30am - 4pm

SATURDAY (18-HOLE) - Tee off between 6:30am - 8:30am

SUNDAY - Sorry, no competition. 

These competitions are run every week weather permitting. Your competition fee is the prizemoney, and is put on a "tab" for you to spend in the Clubhouse. Our competitions are fun and friendly so if you are interested please inquire or when booking in let our Staff know that you are interested and we can match you with a group to get your first card filled out!